Artist Statement

Growing up, I often walked with my father and he would talk about the subtle reflections on a building or a picture seen through a window, small details that I easily missed. Sometimes, we would playfully wonder about the history of an object or person we observed.  This curiosity and love of details is imbued in my spirit. Often, when I see a person on the street, I wonder what life is like for him or her. I have the same inquisitiveness when looking at a building, window or even a moment in time. I see a shadow cast on the floor or the light cascading through a window and conjure up the history of that spot; who stood there gazing out the window; whose face was blackened by the shadow; whose life was affected by the nuances of the texture on the wall or the lines of the floor? I look into a room in an abandoned building and I think about its potentially grand history rather than its current despair.  In other places, I search for the overlooked details, treasures that make up our everyday lives. Behind the camera, I can capture these details and stories. The world comes to a stop, if only for a second. I am drawn to the depth of that moment when neither breath nor life’s constant activity get in the way and the magic of capturing the scene reveals itself to me.


As a teenager, Denise picked up a camera at her summer camp and has been exploring the world with it ever since.

Denise attended the Brooks Institute Photography program at Harrington College of Design and at Richard Stromberg Photography Classes.  Through these programs, Denise deepened her understanding of what makes an image connect with others.

She began as a portrait photographer and captured everything from special moments at weddings, family portraits, corporate events, interiors, product and much more. Her work has been featured in Elle Décor and Luxe Magazines.

These days, Denise can be found teaching photography at Richard Stromberg Chicago Photography Classes, mentoring high school students through FreshLens Chicago and taking students on photo walking tours of Chicago and beyond.